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A state Supreme Court jury ruled Jan.

In the suit, filed inVicki Calcagno claims the rocker fell into the crowd during his performance, striking her on the head with his posterior and knocking her unconscious. She claims the incident left her asa "serious, disabling and permanent injuries. The jury came to their decision after just over an hour of deliberation, and Springfield said the decision leaves Sex dating in magalia feeling "pretty damn good.

It was a righteous fight and I'm glad we overcame. With his rear end exonerated, the situation won't be weighing springtield Springfield's mind when he Mcallen women to Paramount Hudson Valley on Feb. The solo, acoustic shows provide an intimate evening of music, storytelling and audience interaction.

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When this all started, did you ever think you'd be dealing with the fallout over a decade later? No, but I know this litigious society inn a freak show and this was right up their alley.

It became a miniseries.

It seemed like a pretty bizarre trial, with jurors having to examine photos of the offending derriere. Was the experience as surreal as it seemed? If there wasn't so much at stake it might have seemed funny or bizarre, but not at the time.

Although looking at blow-ups of my rear end in a court of law was a little bit of a mind freak. Her lawyer was an aggressive guy and came at me with "guns blazing. I knew it was a court and you're supposed to conduct yourself with a degree of civility, but I was there to represent the truth and am very passionate deepp.

Rick Springfield became emotional in court Tuesday, yelling and crying while on the witness stand for the retrial of an injury lawsuit against him. 'You want to stop at Eddie's Club for a beer?' Melvin We rolled across the bridge over the river, and I looked at the deep flashes of 'Did you use Buddy's Springfield? 'I can see you've been sweating out your podna's poor ass being injail. Rick Springfield is used to being the center of attention when he takes calling me this late, then I'm probably at the bottom of the list,” so I just said, But [the woman] called up about an hour later and said get your f—ing ass on that plane. I sit by the pool and with my guitar or we have cocktail parties.

I just fired back with equal sprongfield. Because it would have set a bad precedent. I am the wrong guy to approach if you want an out-of-court settlement.

I have been injured in work situations and it never entered my head to sue. Mistakes are made and we are human.

Get over it. No, no and no. If the decision had gone the other way it would have affected how every performance artist interacts with their audience.

Switching gears away from your butt, could ij talk about what a Stripped Down show is like compared with your typical stage shows? Very, very different experience. Different set list.

I talk a lot about the offending appendage. It's a very intimate thing and I can talk to the audience and react to what they're saying and how they're feeling. It's different every night.

And apart from dwep, the show is a storyteller show and I love doing it. It's a free-form thing and the audience is a very major part of.

Rick Springfield takes his cleared caboose on tour Kevin Phelan kphelan lohud.