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Just wanting to be real

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Sharing personal information brings people closer. Verified by Psychology Today.

Just wanting to be real

Intimacy, A Path Toward Spirituality. The foundation for healthy and vibrant partnerships and friendships is forged through authentic mutual sharing of what each person is experiencing inside, along with how they communicate their experience to each.

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Many of us pride ourselves on being authentic, but authenticity is a tricky term. Attacking, judging, and blaming others is far from what it means to be real and honest. True authenticity requires that we pause and check in with ourselves before responding, rather than sloppily venting emotions in a reactive way.

We imagine that something is wrong with us for having particular feelings. We try to fit ourselves into some image of how we think we need to be in order to Just wanting to be real respected or loved. We judge ourselves eb weak or defective if we experience uncomfortable feelings, such as sadness, hurt, or fear.

But vulnerable feelings are simply a part of being human.

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Bringing a gentle mindfulness to the full range of our human experience and disclosing this to people we want to be close to creates a climate for rich connections. This intimacy with ourselves creates a ve for being more intimate with.

Noticing bd sharing our authentic experience invites people toward us. However, the attempt to be real without the softening ingredient of kindness can quickly morph into brutality.

What It Really Means to Be Real | Psychology Today

Mindfulness wedded to kind communication is a powerful Just wanting to be real. Being aware of our feelings and wants and conveying them in a kind way is more likely to be well-received. Human hearts are tender. People become less defensive and more receptive when we communicate our feelings, not only genuinely, but with a gentleness that takes to heart how vulnerable we all are.

Before speaking, we might pause and ask ourselves: Is too true, is it kind, is it necessary? Rather than struggle to change, fix, or analyze each other, love thrives in a climate of mutual authenticity bathed in the gentle waters Just wanting to be real kindness. Thanks for reading my article. For more on the power of authenticity and how it relates to a spiritual life, see Dancing with Fire and The Authentic Heart.

Just wanting to be real

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Mindfulness means attending to our experience just as it is without Being aware of our feelings and wants and conveying them in a kind way. Use headphone for a better sound quality. HD avaiable. Enjoy and let me know in the comments what do you think!. Chris August "Want to Be Real": I've never said this before, I've never opened that door so wide No one else is around I just wanna be real, I wanna be real.

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Just wanting to be real I Ready Horny People

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Just wanting to be real I Ready Sex

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