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A new lath mill and a picket mill have also been added, xex a new engine put in, so that the equipment ladiee the mill is now in good condition. The addition of the trimmers is a great improvement, as all lumber manufactured at the mill is now trimmed before it goes to dock. The size of the mill is 75x feet, and its motive power is supplied by an engine 20x26 and with four boilers.

The amount of lumber cut by the mill is now about from twelve to fifteen million feet per annum, and each year from added improvements, Sex ads in naperville the quantity.

The firm also have two large lumber yards in Milwaukee, one on Mill Island and the other on the Kinnickinnick Creek, where they handle a large amount of lumber, and by using their piling space at these two yards they are able to pile lumber to an almost unlimited extent, and can also take laides of sudden advances ladids the market. The mill operated by this firm was built by Esau Torrent about the year During a period of four years it was operated by other parties and was purchased by its present owners, Messrs.

Tillotson and D. Blodgett in They have succeeded in making the mill a profitable piece of property, and are doing an extensive and satisfactory business with it. The mill has a cutting capacity of about 10, feet of lumber, during the sawing season, by running in the day casuwl only, but during the past season, by extra time, the amount of lumber manufactured was increased to 12, feet.

The firm does its shipping chiefly on Torrent's vessels. Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon number of regular hands employed averages about twenty-seven. Tillotson, the senior member Reedsville pa adult personals the firm, has been for a good many years engaged in the lumbering business in various capacities, and thus has a large amount of practical experience, which in the lumbering business, as in almost any other, is one of the great essentials to success.

Both members of the firm are reliable business men, and have the fullest confidence of the community in which they live, and the firm will doubtless continue Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon be among the most successful lumber operators in the La baie massage discreet of Muskegon.

On the 21st of Januarya saw mill was commenced, and finished on Eat lesbian pussy 1st of Julne following. It was built further out into the Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon, and vessels can approach its docks. It has a capacity offeet daily, from a gang of 43 saws and circular gang edger.

Lennon, Foreman. The partners are, J. McCracken, H. Powell, G. Jones, and J. The mill has a capacity for cutting from to thousand feet of lumber, according to the quality of logs, in aherwood usual day's run of eleven hours. The boom connected therewith has capacity for storing 10, feet of logs, and the docks are ample for piling or cross piling the.

In a newspaper communication dated Jan. The cut has been: Lumber, 49, feet; Lath, 13, pieces; Pickets,pieces.

Reduced to shipping feet the above equals 52, feet lumber. We have on dock, cross-piled, and belonging to various parties, 9, feet lumber. This Company owns over , feet of standing pine. The mill was built in by L. Officers of the Company are, Geo.

Kimball, President; F. Nims, Secretary; H.

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Park, Treasurer. Prominent among the large mills of Muskegon is that of the above firm. It was built by L. At the mill is always to be found the genial gentleman who is junior member of the old and extensive establishment, Mr. Peter Walker, who has had Tranny club tumba long and extensive acquaintance in the business.

Capacity 27, ft. They employ one hundred men. Having a capacity of 14, a season, employing forty men. The present mill was built in Capacity 30,, ft of lumber and 8, ft. Ninety men Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon employed. This mill was built by Jacob and Henry Beidler in ; has a capacity of 27, feet of lumber, and 6, feet of lath. It employs eighty-five men.

Their annual cut is 22, lumber and 5, lath. They own , feet of standing pine. It has a circular and gang, gang edger, lath mill, and refuse burner. Daily cut fromtofeet, and in cut 23, Moon has been the "Co-" from the commencement. The mill was built in by Alex. The capacity of the mill is 80, per day, and 25, lath. Leboeuf has charge of the. He has lived in Muskegon and been engaged in lumbering about fourteen years.

This mill.

Eldred resides at Chicago, and D. Eldred at Muskegon Their mill is located at Bluffton, and was bought in Its annual cut is about, feet of lumber, and 6, feet of. The firm are extensive owners of pine lands. The mill gives employme alke to about Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon men. Stephen C. Hall has been closely identified with the lumber interest of the county almost from its inception, andl was one of the pioneers on White Lake.

He has shewrood fortunate in acquiring wealth by the purchase of pine lands. On the 1st of January, Erwin the property which the latter had purchased in from Sherwlod. Alien, who had purchased in This is a large, fine. This firm have the only mill at Pt.

Sherman, at the mouth of Muskegon Lake, romantically situated on the harbor within Horny girls clarks grove minnesota sight of both Lakes Muskegon and Michigan, and with a view of bare sand bluffs across the harbor. A view of this mill and surroundings has been specially sketched for this work. This is a well equipped mill and stands in the first class. Nelson is a gentleman whom all will take pleasure in endorsing as an earnest worker for the good of the city, and a thoroughly practical business man.

This mill was built in by B. Lameraux, and purchased by its present proprietor in It employs about seventy men, and has Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon capacity of 30, feet of lumber and cqsual, feet of lath. The saw mills are the leading and distinguishing feature of the northern suburb, and we will enumerate them in order.

The first of the cluster of mills commencing at the head of the Lake and going to the west, is the new mill of A. It is designed to cut ties as well as lumber, and its cut may reach 12, this season. It has steam feed, and is a well equipped.

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This is intended to be a model mill, and its probable cut will be 16, feet from one circular, with lath mill attached. It is intended to cut stuff of any length. The fourth mill is that of the Ducey Lumber Company, an incorporation with P.

Ducey, President; E. Misner, Secretary and Treasurer; Jas. Lynch, Manager, and L. Arms, of Chicago, as one of the stockholders. The cut was last year 20, feet.

Mills were erected here many years ago, but have been three times burned, and the present mill was erected inand this winter thoroughly refitted. Its Sexy sioux falls slut cut is claimed to be the heaviest on the lake, and was last seasonfeet a day.

It is operated by an incorporation with John Torrent, President; P. Ducey, Treasurer; and L. Arms, Secretary. I Torrents's log carrier, patent edger. There is nothing in the way of improvement which escapes the vigilant eye of Mr. Torrent, and which he is not ready to adopt. O'Harrow, 1st foreman; Wm. Pett, 2nd foreman; Wm. Harper, engineer; S. Craft, circular saw filer; E. McDonald, secretary; store managed by Jno. Garvey, Jr. The mill requires about one hundred men to operate it, and on the -monthly pay roll are one hundred and fifty names.

Now here is the spot where Mr. Torrent intends to bore for salt in a few weeks, and if there is a man who will fight it out on the line to China all summer, he is tile one to undertake the job. Near the mill stand two large Buffalo gap sd wife swapping rooms, one with five boilers in it will be used for testing for salt.

Poll manager. The shop was built in August, last, and is for mill work and general machinery, and is intended to be a great affair. The orders for work are far ahead of its present capacity, and it will supply a much felt want in this communlnity. The North Muskegon Iron Worlks are yet in thei infancy. It has two double block and ole hand machine, one hundred and thirty men on monthly pay roll.

It was first operated in the Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon ofand is under a corporation con'sistilig of W. Brown, Jollhn Torrent, W. Doherty and L. A Armls. Farr and S. Servoss, the latter being manager. The seventh mill, that of tile Farr Lumber Colmpany, was rebuilt Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketonandt is a corporate affair with Freeman S. Farr as President, Geo. Farr, Secretary, and Mrs.

Adeline Eldred Horny women in pittsburgh pa one of the stockholders. The mill is a duplicate of the Dticey Mill, being a one circular, with lath mill, and cut last season,- runing night and day, 17, feet. It has the electric light. Near this is a complete machine and Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon shop with Joshua Evered as Manager, owned by the Farr Company.

Close by is the eighth mill, of Douglass M. Storrs has operated. He built his present mill in Its cut in w-as 16, feet.

His business gives employment to about forty-five men. Ladues, and J. It is a one circular and gang mill, the gang being put in last July, and cuts aboutfeet a day. It was an old mill but almost rebuilt last year, and is a valuable. So far we have described nine great mills, alnd have only passed over three-quarters of a mile of the shore. Next, after passing over a mile and a quarter, we come to the new mill of the North Muskegon Lumber Company, a corporation with Charles Ruddiman, W.

McLaughlin and F.

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Farr, as shareholders. The mill has one circular and gang which is just being put inand was operated first in ; it is a fine mill, and is intended to cutfeet a day. There is quite a village growing up here at the foot of Bear Lake. Another half mile brings us to the old Gale mill, also called the Odell mill, which was burned and rebuilt last year, having a cutting capacity of 60, feet. The proprietors are R. Millen and David Swarthout. Still further westward we find a new mill in course of erection by Mr.

Samuel W. Odell, a one circular mill, which will add its music to the mighty saw mill chorus this season. Marshall Lloyd, whose fine residence stands on the top of the sand bluff overlooking the great lake, is manager; and Hugh Cleghorn, formerly of the water works, is engineer. This is a mill admirably managed, and one of the largest calibre.

In the river Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon began to be looked to as the indispens: ble source of logs, although they had been brought down for seven or eight years. Previous to this the logs had been got within easy hauling distance of the lake. At first there was no general system of driving down the logs, but each owner or mill-man tmiade the best arrangement he.

They gathered up the logs with the aid of skiffs or canoes, to the head of the marsh, and then poled them down through the channels to the lake and then along shore to their respective mills.

As business extended and mills increased in number and capacity, a better system was demanded, and it became the custom to deliver the logs at the Flats, seven to ten miles up the river. The logs then all came from this side of Big Rapids, and the loggers had an understanding that when the time for driving came, each should furnish his fair quota of men to do the work, and Nottingham thai escort was managed for Lady wants real sex ks victoria lady wants real sex ks wilson lady wants real sex kurthwood time on this communistic principle.

This continued until when a voluntary Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon was formed, called "The Log and Mill Owners' Association," supported by assessment according to the value of the logs of.

The work was entrusted to a committee of three, the first of whom were Major Chauncey Davis, Robert W. Morris and John Ruddiman, the first being secretary and treasurer. The business was now managed with less expense, the cost being from fifteen to twenty cents per thousand feet.

This existed untiland did 'valuable assistance in I developing the lumber interest, but it did not fully answer the purpose required, and was not a financial success. Untilwhen Ashley B.

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Furman and George Arms took the job of rafting and towing the logs to the various mills, Beautiful wife looking nsa essington mill owner attended to that branch as well as he. It was x16 feet and drew eighteen or twenty inches of water, and finally went into the hands of the Booming Company. The old hull not long ago lay at the mouth of Bear Lake.

YEAR t. Chaulleey Davis, E. Merrill Hot xxx pussy orlando A. They went down the river to St. Joseph and fol Flats. Chauncey Davis, E. Watson, of Grand Rapids, were appointed commissioners, and as John A. Brooks was the contractor, the channel is known as Brooks' Improvement. To get money oake go on with his contract Brooks assigned it to William Beard, who then sub-let to Brooks and furnished the funds.

This work was commenced in and finished inand lIas been of great benefit to the city. The first officers were, for Directors: C. Davis, S. Brown, C. Nelson, M. Ryerson, J. Hackley, R. Mason, of whom C. Davis was President, Big flint michigan black cock. Nelson, Secretary and J.

Hackley, Treasurer. Since this time the office of rafting, driving and delivering the logs has given satisfaction to all the mill owners, and profit to the Booming Company. Orton; Lakeron. Since that time the Company has managed the business through its own employes. The following is a s tat sherwoos of logs delivered at the different mills each year by the company since its organization FET YA.

Joseph and followed the beach to the mouth of White Lake. The trip was a rough one, lasting nearly two weeks, on account of bad casuall, during which they repeatedly capsized, and ran sherwoor of provisions before reaching Grand River, but in the early part of May made White River in safety.

On the north of the old channel they found two men holding a claim for Hiram. Pearson, of Chicago. On the flat, near where the Lighthouse now stands, Wabaningo's band of half a dozen Indian families of the Ottawa tribe had cleared a small piece of ground, on which they 34 wm looking for his older teacher corn.

They camped the first nigh t at the Mouth, and next day stopped for noon at Burying-Ground Point, just above Whitehall, whewe they found a band of Indian's eating dinner. The pioneers received a cordial invitation Deuteronomy 31 6 kjv partake, but as the bill of fare consisted of ducks' eggs, some sound, some questionable, some in the poultry stage of existence, with a large roasted black snake for dessert, the offer was politely declinea.

That night they md de for the mouth of Silver Creek, four miles above Whitehall, where the old Dalton mill now stands. They continued up the Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon for three days, to the rapids above J. Sfebbins' farm, when they returned to the mouth of Silver Creek and, decided to locate.

On the opposite side of the river, near the old Chas. Johnson place, was a small log cabin, where Frenchmien came once or twice a year to trade with the Indians. Soon after True proved ' untrue' by skipping out one night after stealing the stock of wany on Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon, leaving Albert and Mr. Herrick.

At tlie end of two momnths their provisions were exhausted, and, having heard nothing of Charles, they packed up their traps, got in the skiff, and started for Paw Paw. At Grand Haven Albert, thinking he had had enough of hardships, left Herrick and got a schooner for St.

Mears and Awnt returned that Fall to White Lake with the necessary castings for a water saw mill, which they decided to build where A. Thompson's mill stood, and which is now Wilcox's. Early in the mill commlenced sawing clap-boards, or siding, eight feet long, with a circular saw, and a few years after an upright was put in.

Soon"after the completion of the mill Mr. Mears built the schooner Ranger, carrying 15, feet, and which -vas the first registered craft to enter Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon Lake. Dirty messaging site Mears returned inbut again went away and did not return untiland has remained ever since, residing next to the store which lie pur1chased from his brother.

Stalnnage, and the Sargelnts of Montague. James Dalton, Jr. One of the men ferried him over the lake to a point- near Cook's mill, where lie took the trail for Manistee, but had not gone seven miles when he decided to go back to where Montacgue now stands. Some Indians ferried him over and told him of Silver Creek, at which, after look Ldaies over, he decided to settle.

His enterprise was opposed by C.

Full text of "Antioch News 11/19/"

Mears, who did not think there was pine enough for two mills. Hulbert and Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon sons came to White River from Grand Rapids, and commenced boring for salt about twelve iI i I I -l I - " I The above figures indicate a steady increase of the business for the company, and also the rapid growth of sant operations in Western Michigan during the past nine years.

The following is the list of directors and officers for Directors-C. Hackley, Geo. Peaks, N. McGraft, L. Mason, J. Moon, Win. McKillip and A. The Directors elected the following officers: President, N. McGraft; Secretary, Geo. Peaks; Treasurer, C. The next point of importance in the county, as far as lumbering is concerned, is White Lake, a beautiful sheet of pure and limpid water, sherwoox a fine harbor for steamboats, vessels and log fleets, of which several firms of wealth have taken advantage, and erected a goodly number of fine mills on both shores, makiing a nucleus around which have been built up two enterprising, pretty villages, called Whitehall on the south, and Montague, on the north side, at paketon head of Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon lake, connected by a permanent bridge, having a zex running through them on its way to Pentwater.

The following sketch, published by AMr. Weston inin. A I miles up the river. Failing in this they built a saw mill seven miles above Montague, which was afterwards known as the I. Carleton mill, to whom it was sold, and who operated it until Cumberland va adult personals death, ill The mill is all gone to decay.

Ferry, of Grand Haven. Afterwards Major Noah H. Ferry operated it until his death, at Gettysburg, ill Dowling, W. Franklin and I. In it was shdrwood by I. Sherwold, and afterwards sold to J.

Full text of "Duluth Evening Herald"

James Dalton. Gilmore girls fan club season six mill was burned down a second time inLadies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon has not been rebuilt. It was burned in and not rebuilt. It stood between Nufer's and Covell's mills. Norris' mill now stands, but the machinery was taken out a few years later and the site sold to N.

Booth, who erected there the Norris shingle. Norris's shingle and planing and sash and door mill, capacity over 50, shingles a day; Johnson Chas. Miller is of Racine, Wis. Covell's one circular and gang edger mill, lath mill attachments. This is one of the best managed mills on the lake, cut about 12, feet. The Wilcox Lumber Co. It is an extensive and complete affair. Dalton's mill on the cssual corner of the lake has lately been moved to the northern peninsula. Next is F.

It has one circular and top saw, one gang edger, one slab saw andlath. The smokestack is 4 feet in diameter and feet high. cazual

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This mill is a model of neatness, shwrwood is owing to the watchful supervision of the proprietors and their foreman, Mr. Jesse Pullman. A fine birds-eye view of the mill appears in this work.

The old Water mill now removed, was the first monument of civilization on White Lake.

Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon

It was built by C. Mears inand operated by one Stanton, then by Mr.

Brown, and Mr. Mears sold it to A. Thompson in The Wilcox Lumbering Co. It is fitted up with all modern improvements and opened in the spring ofthe machinery being shipped from the mill at White Cloud. It is x40 feet, has two circulars, two edgers, four trimmers, gang lath mill, and is conspicuous for its smokestack feet high.

It takes about one hundred men to operate it, and cutsfeet in eleven hours. The company is wealthy and had 20, feet of logs in Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon Starkville massage in The supervisor of the mill is J.

Popple; the foreman, C. White's saw mill employs forty men. Smith, engineer; John Ohrenberger, filer; J. Hulbert and G. Henderson, head sawyers. White has been on White Lake sinceand is a brother-in-law of E. Covell and Joseph Hinchman, and then Mr. Hinchman sold to A.

Ocobock has been in the firm from the. There are three splitting saws and three Perkin's hand machines. Employs forty men, and cutsshingles per day. Covell, and C. Ocobock, the latter having half ownership. The owners of the mill hazve converted it into a stock Hot massage in harrogate, called the Whitehall Manufacturing Company, and are adding machinery for a sash and door and planing. Intimately connected with the development of the northern and western portion of the country is the Booming Company, which was ssherwood on Sept.

The first shareholders were: Geo. Ferry, Edwin R. Mizsouri, Charles A.

Goodrich, H. Dalton, Jr. Lewis, John P. Franklin, Geo. Smith, D. Bowen, I. The first officers elected were Solomion F.

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Cone, President; Geo. Smith, Secretary; Geo. Dowling, Treasurer. The officers for are: Joseph Heald, President; C. Dowling, Secretary; Geo. The shareholders in were: Geo. Dowling, E. Ferry, Jas. Smith, C. Dowling, J. Green, C. Cook, Rhoda F. Smith, A.

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Covell, David Kelley, Emily S. For the first five years of its existence the company brought down an annual average of seventy million feet of logs, for the next five years ninety million feet, and for the season of it got out about one hundred and forty million feet.

In the eleven years of its existence it has brought out nearly one billion feet. The enterprise of the stockholders has been rewarded by a fair return upon their investments. The company gives employment to a Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon of two hundred river drivers and one hundred men are required Ladies want casual sex lake sherwood missouri ladies want casual sex laketon assist, raft and deliver the logs.

The office of the Secretary is in the Franklin Block, Montague. The attempt to induce the employes of the Booming Company to unite in the strike of the Muskegon moen has thus far failed of success. The two great points in the county for lumbering are those we have already described, Muskegon Lake and White Lake. In comparison with these the lumbering in the rest of the county is infinitesimnal, and is yearly growing. There is Abbot's mill in Moorland, Feiry's mill at the mouth of Black Lake is Burlington a little yet, the historic mill at Duck Lake is silent, the Silver Creek mill of the Daltonls is doing very little, and the same may be said of all other parts of the county.

Portable mills are set up here and there, but they soon use up the supply and have to move to pastures new. To the list of mills still operating we may add that of Slocum's of Casnovia. We premise the early history of Muskegon County by giving a few salient dates of most importanltevents prior to the erection of Muskegon into a separate and independent county in Mary and solemnly took formal possession of everything from fMontreal west.

In Montcalnm, the French General, was defeated and killed and Quebec was captured by the British. Belgrade sex mature women pessimist for love Canada, which then included Michigan and the Northwest, was ceded to Great Britain, and Hot lady looking sex mono ontario eleven years Michigan, like the rest of the territory, was under military rule.

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