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Need some cum down my throat I Am Wants Real Sex

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Need some cum down my throat

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I'm not looking for anything serious, maybe ones or twice.

Age: 39
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: Search For A Man
City: Lake Charles, LA
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Old Swingers Ready Dating People

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Pussy Cat gets her treat! Look Daddy! Volume 5 2 years ago PornHub. He longed to suck on Jenny's sack, and feel her balls with his tongue. Jenny kept this up for awhile, and her cock was Need some cum down my throat, so it was starting to hurt. Finally, she stopped, and looked down at Julian. Jenny's sack was huge, and her balls were to-scale with her large toy.

Julian obediently sucked in Jenny's sack, and started coating her balls with spit.

As he sucked, Jenny began lowering down, and this allowed Julian to suck her balls deep into his mouth. He swished and massaged Jenny's balls. They were large and round--much larger than Tonya's and Bailey's, and they were stretching his cheeks out a bit. He was really getting turned on, as Jenny began to gyrate and moan.

Julian noticed that, no matter how Need some cum down my throat he sucked the huge balls in, he had no gag reflex. He was so excited to Women looking for sex folkestone his fuck-toy mouth Nred its fullest Need some cum down my throat. He sucked Jenny's balls to the very back of his throat, continuing to massage and swirl his tongue all. As Jenny continued to gyrate, Julian was so turned on that he could feel cum leaking out of his own cock.

Jenny was having fun, but her cock was ready for some attention.

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She raised up on her knees and scooted back, as her wet sack dragged across Julian's face. Julian obediently tipped his head back, and opened wide, as Jenny leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands down beside Julian's hips. Jenny was hovering over him like huge wild animal, preparing to fuck his mouth mercilessly.

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She slid her knees forward raising her hips up. Her cock hung down right over Julian's mouth.

She reached down with one hand and, grabbing the base of her cock, rotated her hips forward. This fed the large head of her cock rown into Julian's waiting mouth. It was rock hard, and he quickly covered it with spit, and began to suck and swirl his tongue around the head.

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Julian was so turned on. As he swirled, he was looking up at Jenny's huge balls just hanging there, waiting to unload their sweet, silky load into his fuck-toy mouth.

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As Jenny started gyrating, he could see her balls tighten and flex with each gyration. Julian began to feed his tongue into the slit. He was amazed at how large it. It was hot and salty inside, and he massaged Jenny's cock head with his mouth as he forced his tongue up the slit.

Once inside, he began to massage her head from the inside, swirling it against the sides of his mouth while sucking hard. He could feel the inside of Jenny's cock head, and he was going round and round while pumping his neck muscles slightly.

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He was more turned on by this than he had ever dreamed he could be. He was face-to-face with a set of balls that wanted to empty into his mouth, and an ass that was gyrating, working up to the climax. Jenny was getting so turned Need some cum down my throat by this, and she only had the head of her tool in!

Jenny was afraid she might empty too soon, and that would be no good. She wanted to flood this cumslut, dome in the mouth, and some right down his throat. She rotated her hips a bit, and let her cock down a few more inches.

Need some cum down my throat I Searching Teen Fuck

Julian's tongue slipped out of the slit, as Jenny's cock headed down towards his throat. He Granny sex chat rooms lexington kentucky sucked as hard as he could, as Jenny began to pump Need some cum down my throat monster in and out of Julian's mouth.

Julian was in heaven. He could feel this huge tool stretching out his mouth, heading down his throat, and he could see the balls that were soon to be emptied inside of. The thought of pure, fresh cum delivered right down his throat was exciting Julian.

Jenny pumped, and was going deeper and deeper. As she hit the back of Julian's throat, it felt hot and warm, but there was absolutely no gag. He was so thrilled, he bent his neck back a bit, and started to feel Jenny's cock go past the bend at the back of his throat. Jenny pushed it in deeper, and just held it. That's it, just relax and let my cock penetrate your throat.

This isn't going to take long at all. Her cock was going further and further down Julian's throat, and her balls were almost covering Julian's eyes. Julian could feel Jenny's cock penetrating his throat deeply, while he watched her balls and legs twitch Need some cum down my throat.

He was having to breathe on each upstroke.

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Jenny was moaning, and humping, just feeding that monster cock deep down Julian's throat, getting into a rhythm as Julian kept sucking with all his.

His mouth was making all kinds of sucking noises, and there was spit splashing.

She pulled almost all the way out, and said, "Take a deep breath! Her balls were covering Julian's eyes, and she began to thrust forward, humping his mouth and throat. She did this, moaning and twitching for about half a minute, then withdrew.

Julian gasped for a breath. She continued this, giving Julian just enough time to catch his breath before fucking her giant toy all the way down Julian's throat again and. Julian could feel Jenny penetrating deep down his throat Discreet fun in williamston south carolina Need some cum down my throat chest.

Julian was being fucked in the throat deeper than he could tjroat imagined, and there was no gag. As Jenny deep-throated him with her giant cock, there was little Julian could do, other than just breathe in and out quickly when he was able.

The tightness of his throat was doing the job, providing a fuck-toy to the animal on top of. Suddenly Jenny pulled almost all the way out, and Julian tasted a small amount of cum. Somr Drink!!!! As Julian was holding his breath, his eyes covered with balls, he felt them tighten, and felt a hot burst, deep down his throat. Jenny was delivering the goods, her jizz spilling deep inside Julian.

She held, her cock involuntarily Need some cum down my throat as it delivered it's cumm goodness.

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Julian gasped for a breath, then resumed sucking. Jenny had raised Nesd so that just a few inches of her cock were in Julian's mouth, and it was spraying--actually spraying cum.

He struggled to swallow it all, Need some cum down my throat some came splashing Nude in lansing mi the sides of his mouth. He obediently sucked as hard as he could, in between swallows. Suck that cummmm!!! Jenny started to get into a rhythm, and started hitting the back of Julian's throat with her enormous cock head.

She was moaning and twitching, but maintaining steady thrusts of her cock against Julian's throat. The cum kept spraying out of her cock like a fire hydrant.

Julian was doing his best to keep it all in, but so much was spraying out that it was draining down his face and neck, covering his eyes and cheeks. He kept dutifully sucking and servicing the relentless love stick in his mouth, and was met time fhroat time again with a spray of hot cum.

He began to get into rhythm with Jenny, and was swallowing most of the cum. He was amazed at the how much! After what seemed like an eternity, Jenny pulled her cock up so that just the head was in Julian's mouth. Julian knew what that meant, and he started sucking and massaging the head with his tongue and lips.