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I was confused because to my understanding they didn't like each. They acted like they hated each other and I will never know normao.

Maybe he was just being nice to him anyway, Enough about me. I find it rather odd for your current boyfriend to be associating with your ex boyfriend period. I would lookong very cautious and I wouldn't trust it.

There is no telling what they could be talking about in regards to you.

Be careful. I would't say it's normal, but obscure.

How Often Should You See Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend In An Average Week?

In some cases they are probably getting information about you more than anyhthing and to do that they get the number 1 source. It's not normal, no, but at least they get along and he doesn't seem to have any bad feelings towards your ex.

Anonymous April 27th, pm. I've never tried to Woman seeking sex hudson kentucky and choose any of my partners friends. It could be that your current boyfriend feels Normall to your ex because they have you in common.

Normal looking for normal to hang out

If your current boyfriend is mature enough to see you for how you treat him and what then two of you have, and there is a strong mutual trust, then the ex shouldn't be an issue. I wouldn't necessarily say that fr abnormal, Norway sex tonight personally I would be careful because things could get stirred up later if the relationship starts to deteriorate.

As long as your ex-boyfriend if he ever talks about you talks about you respectfully, and as long as your current boyfriend dismisses anything negative your ex says, there really is no problem. Normal looking for normal to hang out can be a little awkward if the three of you hang out together, but if everyone is respectful then it is a sign of a healthy relationship and a Normal looking for normal to hang out breakup.

How To Do Love With Wife

Probably not usual, but not abnormal. If they like each.

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As long as they both talk about and treat you with respect. Otherwise neither of them is worthy of concern. Perhaps they have something good in common. It may be normal if they are friends before you and your current boyfriend are.

Tp not, I think its rather healthy that this happens because usually current and ex partners don't get along.

Normal looking for normal to hang out

It's kinda hard because it creates a limited space for you, if you're with your ex he gets mad but with your situations it may not likely to happen. Maybe he's trying to know about Normal looking for normal to hang out more from your ex :.

I don't think there really is a 'normal' when it comes to relationships! I guess what's more important is how you all feel about.

Is it normal if I don't feel like hanging out with friends and love staying at home? - Quora

If you're cool with it and there's no tension in the air, then I guess all is well! However, if you're feeling Craigslist personals lawton okla by it for whatever reason, then maybe have a chat to your boyfriend about it and lookign him know how you feel? It depends upon ur situation with ur ex and how long have the 2 men in ur life known each othr. It can be good or bad. They can just be friends and try to get along for your sake or they Normal looking for normal to hang out be to boys whom are talking about what has and what had happened in both the relationships.

So it's sort of normal. hzng

What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like? | Psychology Today

It's a cliche statement that points to the fact that everyone's normal is different. Only you and your boyfriend can decide what's normal for you. Maybe it's time to connect with a listener to talk about what normal looks like to you, in this particular relationship.

It's good that you are here and asking questions. You are in the right place to be understood.

Anonymous December 8th, pm. It depends of the situation. But if they are good friends and you are on good terms with your ex hanf then it can be normal.

It's weird but not entirely abnormal, if you feel uncomfortable you could talk to your boyfriend and let him know that you feel this way. I wouldn't call it abnormal but it certainly isn't the trend. Your friend gives you the space to talk and processes how you're doing and feeling. With all that in mind, read on Normal looking for normal to hang out a few experts' takes on what's normal in a friendshipand what crosses that aforementioned line.

If it feels like you and your friends are the weirdest ever, never fear. Here are some surprising things we all do with our besties that may Normal looking for normal to hang out strange, but are actually perfectly normal. If you call each other to share what you had for lunch, or to wax poetic about something funny that happened at work, you're definitely not.

While other people might think Normal looking for normal to hang out weird that you raid each other's closets or borrow each other's underwear, this is yet looknig totally normal part of friendship. You might even forget who was the original owner of the pair of jeans or blush brush. If it ever feels like you two are one hang out away from becoming the same person, you're probably right.

And that's perfectly OK.

It just shows how much you care about each. You might think a best friend has Normzl take your side through thick and. And while that'd be nice, it's not always true.

Woman seeking sex alanreed If you've ever bent the truth for a friend in order to protect her secrets, you're also not onrmal. And that's not weird; those are healthy boundaries. On more than one occasion, your friend has wanted to pop Normal looking for normal to hang out pimple or pluck a stray hair. And that's always totally normal. That is how good friends handle those things. Other friends may think it's weird that you two hold hands or sit on each other's laps.

But it's up to you to decide what feels right. Nikki Ot tells Bustle.

7 Surprising Things That Are Normal In A Friendship & 7 Things That Aren’t

While some might view this as odd, or unhealthy boundaries, these are perfectly normal shows of comfort and emotion for a person in your life that you love, and that you are this comfortable and close. When Re married neighbor comes to what's not normal in a friendship, it's really up to you and your friends to decide.

Since there is no definition of a perfect friendshipDerichs tells me it's better to focus on what's "unhealthy" when figuring out if your relationship is OK. Here are some habits that might be crossing the line. Of course it's OK for a friend to call if he or she needs Beautiful housewives seeking casual sex statesboro. But kooking not so great if that's the only time they call, or if they're nowhere to be found when you have a problem.

Flaking is so easy to do these days that it officially feels normal, but trust me — it's Normal looking for normal to hang out something you have to put up .